Yellow bee – Honda Hornet

A friend with very limited knowledge on motorbike paint jobs – greatest regards to Łukasz – dragged me to his belly pan that has been severely damaged twice. In that case on Honda Hornet.

The aforementioned belly pan got broken on the curbs, after which the fellow tried to paint it over. His efforts turned out to be quite unsuccessful, so I offered that I’d help him. The preparation before actual painting requires a separate post – I might do one in the future, but as winter is coming soon my helmet is waiting to be painted. It will be a suitable subject to use when properly describing what I do in the evenings when I can’t really ride my bike.

Going back to the point, Łukasz’s belly pan needed to be bonded back together, spackled and painted. I thought about it and decided to challenge myself by whacking a hornet motif onto Śrubka’s part. The final effect of n aged bee symbol can be seen on the photos below. The photos were taken before and after mounting the part on July 22nd 2016.

Honda Hornet

This is how I have finished my second airbrush project on a motorbike. I wonder if the belly pan’s still holding up – knowing Łukasz, he has probably left it on a curb somewhere. 🙂

How I began with airbrush technique you will find here.