Everybody has a blog, and I have…

Starting a blog is fairly easy, but writing down your reasons for doing it is an entirely different story… To be honest I’m not really sure why. I think I just feel like it. I feel like sharing what we experience during our motorcycle trips. What nice – or sometimes not-so-nice – people we meet, what we’ve seen, what satisfying things we have achieved etc.

becouse important is to have a passion

One thing I’m sure I want to write about is how important it is to have a passion or even just a little hobby in your life. Something that will let you get away from reality!

Therefore, I’m going to write about: motorcycles (our biggest passion), travel (not always bike-related), as well as my attempts at airbrushing. You will also eventually find technical and workshop-related entries put together while doing something with the bikes. All of this will be with love for each other and for our passion, because it’s the one thing pushing us forward in life!