img_5539Titans (pl. Tytanki) have a special place in my heart, which is why I am devoting them a whole separate tab – greetings, girls聽馃檪 but this is my blog and I can write whatever I want about you 馃檪

The Titans are a group of five women who represent different occupations, marital statuses or even sexual orientations but the one thing that keeps them together is a collective passion for motorcycles.The circle has formed over time during different occasions, mostly during motorbike meetups.

Kinga and I聽have joined to what was about to become the Titans before the memorable trip to Wales. Welsh TT will have a separate post dedicated to it, along with pictures from our girls’ trip.

Why Titans? – the lead theme of our Welsh TT was a zip line trip organized by ZipWorld. We chose the one called Titan and therefore the FB group chat we used to talk amongst ourselves was named Titans.

To me, however, Titans are something more than just a group chat name on FB, it’s women who do their Titan work daily. They try their hardest at home, take care of the problems of their own, their children, husbands, and friends. They are growing and building their careers, learning, upkeeping their blogs, pursuing their hobbies. Sometimes, looking for their own path, they feel lost… They have their ups and downs. How do they do it, that in spite of pursuing their careers and spending time with family and friends they find time for motorbike trips?

Because that’s who the Titans are.

Mothers, wives, lovers, friends – but on top of that, they’re also bikers. We learn from each other, how to ride in a group, how to ride safely, how to overcome difficult turns and how to ride slowly. We talk about many different things, not just motorbikes. We also survived a trip with just girls, despite many people thinking that we would just kill each other. Maybe we are in luck, maybe we just got together very well. But I do know one thing. I can count on them and they can expect the same from me. I love meeting them, talking about important and not-so-important things, plan trips or just chat about painting our nails.

Each meeting with the Titans leaves us feeling like we’re lacking something – why does the time go so fast, we didn’t get the chance to talk about everything yet again… and right after coming back home we begin planning whenever we can go somewhere next, where and when to meet next time. It’s not an easy task, sometimes it takes weeks to get the dates right.

Each meetup with the Titans also makes all of us quite exhausted as we laugh so much it can be an intense abs workout – one of us even suggested once that we should take some nappies in case another pissed herself laughing聽馃檪

Magda, Dominika, Kasia and Kinga – I love you all聽馃檪 well, I do love Kinga the most but that’s a whole another story 馃檪