MotorcyceLive 2017 NEC Birmingham

MotorcyceLive 2017 NEC Birmingham

MotorcyceLive 2017 NEC Birmingham are the bigest motorcycle show in England. Becouse of that I had a hope to see two refreshed models of BMW GS. I’m talking about F750GS successor off F700GS and new F850GS successor off F800GS.

After short negotiations I managed to convince Kinga for trip, about 1.5 hour by car from our home, to Birmingham. I have bought entrance ticket and car par ticket online before we went to show. If you think about take in by car, you have to leave the car on car park not close to the NEC, but there is convenient shuttle bus witch take you to NEC Halls. For those who chose motorbikes, they can park almost inside the show, in closed and secured motorcycle car park. This car park is covered by roof.

Once we arrive I run straight to BMW stand, almost dragging Kinga with me, well I went there to see GS’s 🙂

F850GS was looks promising, finally the tank shape was copied from his big brother 1200GS. Following manufacturer details, BMW changed clutch and modified engine, to eliminate engine vibrations, also to improve gear change process. We see if this is true once new models will be available to test ride. I thinks the biggest benefit for women and short riders is, new F850GS is now available with factory low suspension. Finally! This means seat high is only 810mm.

OffRoadSkills off road training

We took part in show driven by OffRoadSkills company, who providing off road training on BMW bikes. One of the instructor demonstrated off road techniques, how to ride uphill and down hill, how to lift motorcycle and so one. This show was kind off taste what you can learn on full course off road training. We find this show double interesting as we made decision to book off road course in 2018. 🙂

OffRoadSkills company is the only one who driven off road coursed for BMW Motorrad UK.

We also took a part in short interactive session with OffRoadSkills. They show us motorcycle balance techniques, how to lift motorcycle or how to do basic services for BMW R1200GS. For me the most amazing was how well balanced is this this heavy beast 1200GS (250kg). After that me and Kinga, stop be so scary about weight and size of 1200GS, Kinga fallen in love with GS 🙂

We visited also other stands, but mostly we was looking for adventure types bikes. Refreshed models of Suzuki V-Strom left good impression. I have booked spring tests ride for them. With sentiment we spend a while on Harley and Indian stands.

Motorcycle show are great oportunisty to fit on and buy motorcycle gear. Big stand of RST or Infinity brands, almost everyone can find something. Few stands with motorcycle accessories like custom exhausts, heated grips and many, many more.

Insurance companies, tours providers, bike tracker sellers, patches and stickers producers. Well known and smaller brands all focused around motorcycles. Real heaven for motorbike fans.

Freestyle Motocross

Walking around Hall No. 4 we hadn’t plan for this, but we find motorcycle freestyle show. It’s not my cap of tee and we find it by accident. Whoever when I saw what guys are doing on the fly, how they securely land on two wheels, I was very impressed. For many times I thought they will kill themselves… It looks like I’m to old for this type of show 🙂 Big respect to them for many, many hours of hard training.

In my opinion it’s worth visit the MotorcycleLive Show even once a life and try if this type of experience is for you or not.