Milton Keynes Motorbike Show & Waddesdon Manor

Milton Keynes Motorbike Show

The main event of this trip was the Milton Keynes Motorbike Show, which took place on Sunday 17th July 2016. The weather did not disappoint us on that day, so we took off as the following team: Kinga (BMW F800GT), Kamila (Honda CBR600RR) and Beata (Kawasaki VN800 Classic). Quite a surprising mix of bikes – a typical sport, cruiser and a sport/touring hybrid. I was very curious about how well we were going to ride together.

The Motorbike Show itself was not the most exciting… There were a few companies offering custom motorcycle paint jobs with the use of airbrushing, a fellow making badges on the spot, a driving school, motorbike insurance. A regular deal at motorbike exhibitions, but on a smaller scale. Regardless, it was worth it as any excuse is good enough to go on a bike ride.

We looked around the whole show twice and stopped by KFC to drink some refreshingly cold cola. In passing, we also talked to our colleague Artur who lives in the area and took the opportunity to come see us. Later, however, we started wondering where else could be worth heading off to, considering that the show did not quite take up the whole day. The weather was still great and it would be a pity to just go home. Kamila and Kinga saw a National Trust object on the way and we agreed upon having a closer look. That is how we ended up at Waddesdon Manor in Aylesbury.

Waddesdon Manor w Aylesbury

Sightseeing in motorbike clothes is not the most pleasant, so we were thanking the owner of the object for such high level of organisation. Near a big car park capable of holding dozens of vehicles there were cash desks, an information point and a bus stop. After about ten minutes of waiting the bus arrived – it operated only on the grounds of the property, conveniently taking the tourists to the whereabouts of the main building.

The bus driver stared us down. Well, I do have to admit that we were dressed quite differently from the other passengers. It was like an interrogation with him asking us what bikes each of us is riding. Content, he let us take our seats on the bus only once he was given satisfactory answers. It was rather funny.

The main building turned out to be a stately mansion built like a sixteenth-century French castle with beautiful Victorian-style gardens. It is something that is truly better seen with your own eyes rather than described. For more details, I encourage you to check out the National Trust website and those who do not have the means to visit are welcome to see the small photo gallery below.

In spite of an underwhelming main event of the trip, I reckon this trip was very successful. As mentioned earlier, the weather did not disappoint us at all. Additionally, the was no speeding or dangerous situations. Instead, we took on a calm, tourist approach and a matching speed suitable for admiring the view and cherishing a team ride. There was also plenty of time to talk about both the important and irrelevant things.

I can honestly say that riding together was – in that instance – quite enjoyable.