California Superbike School

Some time has passed since the last entry. Quite a lot has changed with us, therefore on motorcycles we go a little less often but still go. The main reason for mobilisation for the new post was the event in which we recently took part.

In early August this year, the California Superbike School Ladies Day was organised. Thanks to the insurance company Bennets, which participated in the costs, the cost of the training was lower by about £100.

California Superbike School

Founded by the legendary Keith Code in 1980, the California Superbike School offers a four-level learning system geared towards improving cornering techniques. The system has been successfully operating for over 30 years and training is provided by branches around the world.

California Superbike School Level 1 – consists of 5 sessions on the track, interspersed with theoretical training. After registration and checking whether the clothing meets the conditions for entry to the track, we stick stickers with numbers. The school’s employees check that the motorcycles are efficient enough to enter the track. They help to set the right pressure in the tires and also measure the volume of the exhalation.

The first level includes: throttle control, turn points, quick turning, rider input and two-step turning.

It is definitely worth purchasing such training. A big plus is that we have the opportunity to ride on our own motorbike. The one on which we go every day. If for some reason someone does not want to go on his motorcycle, he can rent a Ducati motorcycle. Ducati is also the official partner of the California Superbike School.

Is it worth it?

I’ve heard from many people that they know very well what California Superbike School is, but they are not interested because training is too expensive. It’s not cheep, this is true. But you also need to ask yourself, how much is our life worth? Is it worth investing in training your skills? I think it’s worth it. Is it worth paying these 350 pounds and see how big limitation you are for you own motorcycle. It’s definitely worth it. He can do much more than we think.

In controlled conditions, without traffic, cars going with on the opposite. Under the eye of experienced instructors, we have the opportunity to put all the advice into practice. Someone is watching us, checking progress and correcting mistakes. Such training is worth the money. Definitely, next year we will go with Kinga to Level 2.

Someone asked me what is better Ron Haslam Race School, or maybe California. This is a difficult question. Both schools are great, run by experienced instructors, both of them can give you a lot, but in a different way.